Hi. Are you as sick of COVID‑19 as we are?

Not seeing friends and family. Wearing a mask. (Forgetting your mask, then having to run back for it. @#*%!) No Rider football. No kids’ activities. No vacation. Local businesses closing. Feeling more and more frustrated and less and less like yourself. Not knowing when things will go back to normal — or if they ever will.

10 out of 10 healthcare professionals agree: THIS SUCKS.

We got into healthcare to help people, and some days, especially lately, it feels like an uphill battle. But we just want to say THANK YOU. We know you’re tired. We are, too. But, please, hang in there. Wear a mask. Wash your hands. Keep your bubble small. Stay home as much as possible. Keep following the guidelines.

You’ve got this, Saskatchewan. And thanks to you, we do, too.


Your Frontline
Healthcare Workers