Hope is within arm’s reach!

Dear Saskatchewan,

We know you’re exhausted. You’re also incredible! You’ve sacrificed so much for so long now. We have one more thing to ask of you:

Please, as soon as it’s your turn, get your vaccine.

We want to see you cheering on the Green & White, rocking out at a concert, excitedly waiting to board your flight, hugging your family and friends — not hooked up to a ventilator.

It doesn’t matter how exhausted we all are, whether you’re young, healthy — COVID. DOES. NOT. CARE. The only way to STOP it is to roll up your sleeve and get your vaccine.

We assure you any vaccine you’re offered is safe. Common side effects are uncontrollable giddiness and the release of happy tears. (You might see us tearing up with you.)

Please, keep following the guidelines and book your vaccine appointment or go through a drive-thru or walk-in clinic when you can.

Most of all, THANK YOU for helping to protect you and your loved ones, all of us and our loved ones, and thousands more of your neighbours you don’t even know.

Everyone is someone’s loved one, right?

We are so close, Saskatchewan. If we do this together, we’ll get there.


Your Frontline
Healthcare Workers

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